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Part #PH412
Competizione Power Package 4C

Power Package With Competizione Center Exit Exhaust

Centerline's new Competizione Power Package for the 4C combines three of our most popular performance enhancements into one convenient kit to save you money. This package pairs our unique 100% stainless steel Magnaflow Competizione (Race) center-exit exhaust with  the Eurocompulsion Euro+Drive® Performance ECU and V2 Performance Air Intake. These products are proven to work together to give huge performance gains while also enhancing the driveability and sound of the 4C.

The Competizione exhaust is a complete large diameter "cat back" exhaust which includes a new mid-pipe and non-resonated center exit rear section. Kit also includes replacement mesh inserts for the rear valance and detailed installation instructions. Eurocompulsion's Euro+Drive® is a complete replacement factory ECU, which has been optimized for better throttle response, power, and smoother driveability at all engine speeds - with maximum power gains of 40%. To keep your engine safe it retains all factory safety protocols and full adaptive learning capabilities, and can be installed or removed in less than 5 minutes without special tools. The V2 Performance Air Intake is an innovative cold air intake that completely replaces the factory air box and draws cold air directly from the side scoop.

The Competizione Power Package is sold at a $225 discount compared to the price of each of these items sold separately.

Kit Contents Include:

• Centerline Competizione Center Exit Exhaust
• Replacement Mesh Inserts and Instructions
• Eurocompulsion Phase 2 Performance ECU
• Eurocompulsion V2 Performance Air Intake

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