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Part #SW325
Shift Knob Skateboard Wheel

Shift Knob Adapter Skateboard Wheel - Black

Centerline's exclusive skateboard wheel shift knob adapter allows you to use your favorite skateboard wheel as your shift knob.

Beautifully machined from aluminum and anodized black, our adapter fits manual transmissions with a shift lever between 8mm-15mm in diameter, and attaches securely with set screws, which are covered by a threaded collar for a seamless and completely reversible installation.

Adapter can also be used on many automatic transmission vehicles with similar shift lever diameters, as long as they don't have a button that needs to be pushed to shift out of Park.

Once the adapter is secured to the shift lever, you can then bolt a wheel of your choosing on the end using the supplied "dummy" bearings. Adapter will accommodate wheels of any size, color, or shape. We recommend a "modern" (rounded) profile wheel between 48mm-52mm in size for best feel.

Available as an adapter only, or can be supplied pre-assembed with a wheel (our choice) for an additional $10.00 charge.

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