Part #BC381A
Front Caliper 115 Left Plain

Front Caliper 115 Series, Left

Front brake caliper for 1969-74 GTV, 1969-74 Berlina, and 1969-94 Spider. Left Side. Rebuilt in USA.

These calipers are the same as our standard BC381 rebuilt calipers without the zinc plating.

Sold on an exchange basis, and a $95.00 core deposit will be charged at the time of sale. To receive a core deposit refund your caliper must be complete, assembled, and in rebuildable condition.

This item is part of our Clearance Sale on discontinued, overstocked, and NOS merchandise and is being sold at 25% off original price. Final Sale - no returns or exchanges.

Original Price - $204 (including $95.00 core charge)

Price: $81.75
Core Charge: $95.00

Status: In Stock
This item is in stock and ships immediately.

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