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Part #TL133
Brake Pressure Bleeder

Brake and Clutch Pressure Bleeder with Alfa Adapter

Quickly and thoroughly bleed or flush your brake or clutch hydraulic system with this easy-to-use pressure bleeder.

Over the years, we've found a pressure bleeder to be an invaluable tool, which can often get better results than the traditional 2-person "pump and hold" method, and can complete the job in much less time. They are especially useful in quickly purging stubborn air pockets from the system after replacing a master or slave cylinder.

This compact and versatile pressure bleeder gives the same results as larger and more expensive professional models but is much easier to use. It generates pressure via the simple hand pump, without the need for an external connection to compressed air. Bleeder holds 2 quarts of fluid, which makes complete system flushes a snap - it allows you to bleed all calipers without having to stop and refill the reservoir, as it is continuously fed a supply of fresh fluid from the bleeder tank. We recommend bleeding using the lowest pressure that will move fluid through the system (usually around 10-15 psi).

Bleeder includes pressure gauge and adapter that fits most 1971 and later Alfa fluid reservoirs, including GTV, Berlina, Spider, Alfetta, GTV/6, Milano (with standard brake system and ABS brake system), and 164.

Also fits the 4C, Giulia, and Stelvio, in addition to many other European marques.


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