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Part #BK803
Big Brake Kit 115

Big Brake Conversion 115 Cars (All)

These kits are over the top - and that’s why we love them! Alfas have always had good brakes, but with prolonged hard use, even they can fade. If you’ve ever run out of brakes at the end of a long straight, you know it’s not fun. With these big brake conversions, you’ll have more stopping power than you ever thought possible and brake fade will be a thing of the past!

Kit features custom vented 2-piece slotted rotors at all 4 corners, and 4-piston aluminum calipers in the front, with widened stock calipers in the rear. These kits are ready to go, with track ready brake pads, braided stainless steel lines, and all hardware and brackets needed for installation.

Fits GTV and Berlina 1969-94 and Spider 1969-94.

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